About Us

    Blind Imaging is a division of CCI Corporation located in Oak Lawn, IL.  The idea of images on blinds is not a new one, however CCI Corporation and Blind Imaging have taken it to the next level.   Blind Imaging is more affordable and more durable than other methods.  Frequently asked questions about Blind Imaging include:

What is Blind Imaging?

    Blind Imaging is a method of printing images on vertical blinds.   Check out our photo galleries to see some examples of our work.  The two main focuses of Blind Imaging is for residential use and as a business advertising tool called Blind Signs.

What Kind of Images Can be Used?

    With this process we can put just about any image you want on your new vertical blinds.  In residential applications we can use anything from old family portraits to samples from a border you may have found or to pieces of fine art duplicated in the blinds.  In commercial applications using our new Blind Signs we can use your corporate image or your company logo to give you a new advertising tool that works to your advantage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  The blinds are lit by the sun during the day and at night they use your building's existing light to backlight the blinds.

What is Backlighting?

    Our blinds stand above the rest because they are specially designed so that they use light to illuminate the images printed on them.  This adds a great effect in residential applications but with Blind Signs, it allows the blinds to advertise for you all day long.  In most cases the blinds are comparable to conventional lit box signs.  The blinds are a great alternative to conventional signs.

If I Open my Blinds, is the Image Still Viewable?

    If your blinds are opened all of the way, the image will not be viewed from the outside but the blinds can be opened quite a bit while still being able to view the image on the blinds. 

How do I Find Out About Pricing and How Can I Order?

    Pricing depends on the size of your window and the design time it takes to create your blinds.  We can give you a quote but it is important for us to know the following: 

1.  Measure your windows accurately.  Measure from the inside of the window horizontally.  Measure from the top of the bottom window sill to the bottom of the top sill.  Please do not make any deductions on your own.  Just give us the window size and let us take it from there.  This will assure that we give you the proper size blinds.

2.  Have an idea of what you want?  Can't decide what you would like to see in your windows.  Let our designers assist you with some creative ideas.  An accurate quote is easier if you have an idea about what you would like to see on your blinds.

    If you know what you want and would like to order  contact us by calling our toll free number, (866)952-4800, filling out a survey, or by e-mail.

What do I do if my Question Was Not Answered Here?

    Please feel free to contact us.  Any of our employees would be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.  We can help you with technical questions, pricing questions, or even design questions.