Home or Office Design



Fine Art on Blinds


    Blind Imaging is also great for interior design.  You can use the blinds to spice up your office or any room in your home.  We have begun working with artists to put their works of art on the blinds using this technology.  One of these artists is Tim McCarthy from Chicago.  Tim produces watercolor paintings like the one shown above on the left.  His image was reproduced and put onto vertical blinds using Blind Imaging technology as shown on the right.  We are working with Tim to incorporate any of his paintings onto vertical blinds.  Check out his website at and see what he has to offer.  He has a great collection of paintings of schools and other landmarks in and around Chicago that would look great on vertical blinds.



Pictures on Blinds


    Blind Imaging can also use your photos and digital photos for blinds.  Above is a picture of Marquette Park taken in October of 2003.  The autumn colors in the trees made beautiful blinds.    The possibilities are endless with Blind Imaging.  Click on the Blind Imaging logo below to see a picture gallery of Blind Imaging in home or office applications.